My track “Empire Of Dreams” is now available on iTunes 😊

My new track “Empire Of Dreams”. Have a listen and see what you think :)

I have made a couple of changes since uploading this version. Just boosted up the kick drum and bassline. But otherwise it is the same as this anyway :)

My recent track “Horizon Hearts” is now on YouTube.

Have a look/listen.

Bring Me The Horizon fans might not like it though.

Check out my new tune “Horizon Hearts”.

Fans of Bring Me The Horizon may either like or hate it though ;)

My new track “The Only One” is now up on Youtube. Have a look/listen, and see what you think of it :)

Finished my new trance track “The Only One”.

Have a listen here :)

New Euro-Trance track “Illusion” on Soundcloud. Feel free to follow/leave comments :)

Euro-Trance track “Illusion” by Deep Impact/DJ Dee

My new trance track “Rain Falls Down” is now uploaded to YouTube.

Have a little look/listen :)

Finished my new trance track “Rain Falls Down”.

Have a listen on Soundcloud :)

My new euro trance track. Sapphire :)



Bank Holiday Sunday

Well, I could have gone out on the beers tonight. But seeing as I’ve already done 2 nights of ridiculous amounts of alcohol, tonight is a chilling night. So after a fresh haircut and a shower, I’m in the studio with a cold bottle of Corona, about to work on some new trance :)

Check out my new Euro/Uplifting trance track “Isle Of Dreams”.

Feel free to listen/comment/download on Soundcloud :)